Our story, Our Mission & the face behind the Klawz

Klawz by Keelah is focused on innovating the at home self care experience through our brand of press on nails. We create custom designs that are specifically made to fit each individual customer. We also have a line of premade, ready to ship nails that include a variety of sizes so they are one size fits all. We take pride in providing high end salon quality nails that feature the latest and hottest trends in the nail art industry. Our Klawz are fashionable, reusable, and ready to slay all occasions.

What was meant to be an insult.. became my inspiration!

I fell in love with nail art when I started high school and I’ve been hooked ever since. I would sit and watch YouTube videos and practice for hours to teach myself how to do the latest trends and styles. I also loved going to the nail salon to watch how the nail techs did my nails. I remember getting my nails done one day and I told the tech that I wanted to go to school to do nails. Her response to me was “girls that look like you don’t get hired in nail salons”.  I was stunned and felt crushed because in that moment I realized I personally had never seen a black nail tech working in the nail salons I went to. Rather than let her comment deter me, I was actually inspired to start my own business rather than depend on salons to hire someone that “looked like me”.

A vision was born

In 2018, I decided I wanted to follow my passion for nail art and create my own line of press on nails. I was working in childcare at the time and I loved wearing long flashy nails but I couldn’t wear my nails like that to work so I would wear press ons on the weekend. I could never find styles that I liked so I would paint my own designs on them and even then I wasn’t satisfied because they weren’t long enough. That’s when a light bulb went off  and voila!!! Klawz by Keelah was born. I wanted to create a line of press on nails for the people like me who love having their nails done but can’t commit to acrylic/gel because of their job or lifestyle. My press ons give people the flexibility and convenience to have their nails done how they want, and when they want without having to spend time in the salons. 




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